Digital (r)evolution: the Art et the Robot !
New TV series on Museum TV

10 films of 26min to be seen on Museum TV, a TV channel dedicated to contemporary Art.
First episode: "The Art and the Robot" with France cadet, Patrick Tresset, Zaven Paré, Bill Vorn, Dominique Moulon.

Digital (r)evolution - Museum TV



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 Press (recent):

Safra'Numériques in Amiens: the Art is digital !
Sciences et Avenir - 23/03/2018

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New technologies democratize Art at Safra'Numériques
Telerama - 22/03/2018

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"France Cadet the artist in cyborg "
La Terrasse n°262

Digital Focus - Safra'numériques 2018

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Round table/Lecture :

"Teaching robotic dogs new tricks"

Guest lecture - Kunst Universitat Linz - Interface Cultures
25 April, 2018 - 3PM


"Artificial intelligence, robots and us"

Saturday 14 April, 2018 - 5PM - Alcazar- Marseille
Round table after the lecture by Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

organised by Opéra Mundi

FaceBook event
Read the article: "La sorcière et le robot"
French (The witch and the robot)

 --> "Love, sex and... robots"
Furturapolis Toulouse, France
24 November
2017 - 3:45pm

Toulouse museum of natural History
in the framewor of futurapolis 2017

Round table with Agnès Girad, anthropologist, journalist and writer, and Olivier Nérot, doctor in cognitive sciences.

Video to be seen on FaceBook


 "Tutta colpa di Darwin"  Italia Uno

Documentary about the evolution of humanity

Episode: the robotics:
See the whole documentary

 "Cyberlove"  Arte TV

http://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/RC-014239/cyberlove/(activate english subtitles)
Webseries by Laure Michel

Focus in the episodes #5:" Un amour de robot" et #8: "Créatures hybrides"

 "Plants and digital Art" FRANCE 3 Provence Alpes

about the exhibition "Hortus 2.0"

FRANCE 3 - Provence-Alpes - 03/06/2017

 "L'Emission d'Antoine" CANAL+

4 march 2016

Interview on stage with two of my robots.
TV show "L'Emission d'Antoine de Caunes"  "Robot-Land" on Canal+

Website of the TV show


 "La tête au carré" (the head squared)France Inter

17 février 2017

Radio Show La Tête au Carré - 17 February 2017
ByMathieu Vidard  

Guests: Laure Michel & France Cadet

 "De l'Art mécatronique avec France Cadet" (some robotic art with France cadet) Contemporaliis

08 Mai 2017

Radio Show Contemporaliis - Radio Campus Clermont-Ferrand

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/contemporaliis/de-lart-mecatronique-avec-france-cadet
Podcast: http://www.campus-clermont.net/onair/podcast/player/?date=2017-05-08&time=20#campus_player


 Documentary FRANCE 3

JT Pau Sud Aquitaine 19/20 15 spetembre 2015

Video in French

In the framework of the exhibtion "Robot, mon Amour" at mediathèque André Labarrère, Pau

Interview Le Cube

in the framework of the exhibition "Robot pour être vrai"

Video in French

More about the exhibtion Robot pour être vrai

Interview / Video of the exhibition

"Art & Artificial Life: VIDA 1999 - 2012"

Fundacion Telefonica Madrid - Spain

Video in English with spanish subtitles

Cafe neu Romance - Prague   Robotic empathy

International Festival Performance & Robotics

Vidéo in English

Motre about Cafe Neu Romance

Quoi de neuf du côté des androïdes? what's new in androïds?

Lecture at IMERA - Marseilles, FR.

Whole video of the lecture "what's new in androïds?" by France Cadet and Angelica Lim, recorderded on December the 7th, 2016 at IMéRA,within the framework of the cycle "Research, Arts & Digital Practices".

vidéo youtube